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Yippee is one of its kind social-travel app solely made for those who're high on travel, socialising, and life. It makes for your perfect travel companion, allowing you to take dozens of pictures, videos, and then creating the most beautiful and fantastic trails - a sequence of the photos and videos of your entire trip, just like a 'memory down the lane', a documentation of your trip, for others to see. Tighten your seat belts travel enthusiasts, for this Yippee is sure to take you on a ride.

Your Yippee app lets you do these:

  • Create trails of your trip category-wise (holiday, honeymoon, solo, art and culture, food, and a lot more) and post them for everyone to see, call it travel-instagram maybe!
  • Caption your photos, and also add tips, likes, dislikes, and highlights about the place you've visited; call it a checklist for others visiting the place next!
  • Admit it, who wouldn't like to freeze their moments, and keep going back to it again and again!? We've got your back here! - Do you feel vacationsick just after an amazing vacation? Worry not, because with Yippee, you can create a trail of your vacation with images, videos, and stories. Live, relive, and freeze the memories forever!
  • For the social bees out there, post, share, add places to wishlist, and connect with fellow travellers for adrenaline adventures!
  • Read the part 'call it a travel-instagram maybe' AGAIN! Scroll mountains, beaches, and forests; all-day, everyday!

We're not putting a full-stop yet. Find ideas for your next trip, travel motivation, itenary confusion, and in general travel gyaan posted by travellers on YippeeWorld, our social feed. Pass on your first hand experience to other travellers as tips/advice/tricks/hacks so that they don't end up in an 'oops' moment. Boost your following by sharing nitty-gritties of your trips and travel through pictures and videos on the feed, and connect to the best of travel community. Inshort, we let you exploit the app for travel planning instead of a conventional planner.

Why the name Yippee

No, we haven't borrowed inspiration from noodles! We've named our app Yippee 'coz it is this sound our mind makes out of sheer excitement when we think/hear of travel. See, you just did it inside your mind. Yippee conveys happiness, excitement, and pure joy of exploring the unseen, and making the most memorable moments of life count! Make each Yippee moment count with Yippee! Hurray Hurray, it's a yippee yippee day! Say Yippee 'coz its a Holiday!

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